Cleaning Business Ideas

Just a few easy to start cleaning business ideas!

Finding cleaning business ideas could be the hardest part of starting a small cleaning business. Starting a cleaning business can be fairly easy to do because lets face it, everything gets dirty and not everybody has the time to clean!

Now here is the hard part – the reason you may have stumbled upon this article is because you have searched for “cleaning business ideas”. So your may not have decided on the cleaning services you are intending on offering and are looking for some inspiration. This is the most crucial part of starting a cleaning business because you must choose something you enjoy doing.

There are so many different variations of cleaning businesses that you can tailor your own personal interests and turn them into a viable business e.g if you are interested in cars, a mobile car valeting business would be a great choice – have an interest in boats? You can start a boat cleaning business! Like i mentioned earlier, everything gets dirty so find your interests and see if you can create a business which can utilise this passion.


Base your cleaning business idea on something you already have an interest in

You MUST have passion for what you are doing. I found that when I had a cleaning business, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. This made me hate my work and resent my customers for asking more of me which eventually lead me to not even wanting to pick up the phone when customers were calling! Not a great position to be in.

So seriously, spend a minute just thinking about your interests and ask yourself if there is an opportunity to create a cleaning business around it. Building the kind of cleaning business which you would like to setup can make or break it in the long term. So take a look at our cleaning business ideas and see if they spark an interest.

Mobile car valeting

Mobile car valeting services have great demand. This is first on our list because we have plenty of articles for starting a mobile car valeting businesshow to market a valeting business and even guide you to learn how to valet a car. Starting a valeting business can be fairly cheap todo depending on how you do it. Like anything you can goto extremes and purchase a brand new van for over £10k or one for £1k – make informed decisions rather than getting carried away.

Mobile car valeting businesses can be built by contacting local small used car dealerships, flyer drops in business areas with plenty of office blocks and social media. The best place to start is with friends and family! You can build your experience and maybe even gain some lifelong customers. A website with basic marketing is another great option alongside some free marketing with google business. You can expect to earn anywhere from £500 – £750 per week!

Oven cleaning

Oven cleaning is a very popular service. It is recommended to undertake some training – just like most of these cleaning business ideas. This is a service which is most likely to gain customers online at first so a website alongside marketing are quite important. Oven cleaning business kits can be bought for around £2k, not including van. Always do your research on pricing and estimated gross profits.

Driveway cleaning

Driveway cleaning can be very profitable. We have a small guide on how to start a pressure cleaning business which will help understand what work is required to get started. A standard house can easily generate £50 per hour – with most being completed within 2-3hrs you can make a substantial amount of money! Prices are easy to quote with pricing structures in square metres. The average price per square metre is £2.50, measure your own garden to get a feel for how much you should be charging in comparison to sizes.

Window cleaning

One of the best things about window cleaning is that you can build a solid revenue stream by building up your window cleaning round. Ever heard the saying “cash is king” or “cash flow is the most important part of any business”? if you haven’t I certainly have. If you can build up a large window cleaning round you can pretty much guarantee your income. The average window cleaner has in excess of 250 customers. If tragedy struck and your business lost 50 customers in 1 month (which lets face it, just wouldn’t happen to an existing window cleaning round) then you will still have an income, you will still be able to pay your bills – you will still have CASH FLOW!

Gutter cleaning

Gutter vacs can be purchased for around £700 – would will need a van also to fit the larger vacs and poles in. Gutter cleaning is popular with contract work such as offices and schools. The majority of gutter cleaning work will be one off so creating an online presence is important. The main problem I see with gutter cleaning is that it is seasonal. Although there are so many thriving gutter cleaning businesses out there that this may not actually effect them. By creating an add on to your existing business you could make up for any seasonal low points.

Conservatory/Upvc cleaning

Conservatory and Upvc cleaning businesses aren’t seen very much and i’m not very sure why. Every conservatory will grow green algae each year when the season hits. Green algae makes your conservatory roof look hideous, if you get enough clients you can do this work once a year as a sole business or have this as an add-on to an already established service business. To clean Upvc you will use a solvent cleaner which will provide astonishing results, these upvc solvent cleaners can be purchased for around £2.50 per litre and would quite easily clean a couple of conservatories or 100 window frames.

Drain cleaning

One of the most profitable cleaning business ideas we have. Ever heard of a company called Dyno-rod? Well they are huge. The potential income from a service like this is quite untapped but be prepared to work hard for your money. Drain cleaning requires drainage knowledge and quite possibly a solid team of marketers to bring in work but once that work is coming in you could see each job to be running into the thousands.

Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is fairly new in the UK, its hasn’t really been adopted very well by us Brits. In the USA and Australia however roof cleaning is as common as mowing your lawn (well maybe not that common). You will need to be up on your safety knowledge and not be afraid of heights. This business could see your cleaning business idea earning over £1000 a day!

Office cleaning

When your saw 11 small cleaning business ideas you thought office cleaning right? Well no cleaning business ideas list would be complete without it. contracts like this can provide your business startup with security and cash flow. You will need to make sure your business is professional and have all business insurances in place alongside any risk assessment forms required of you. You could quite easily start an office cleaning business for under £1000.

House cleaning

The least expensive small cleaning business idea goes to house cleaning. A handful of chemicals, mops, buckets and a vacuum could see you start your very own business. This could cost less than £100. In-fact some home cleaning businesses use their customers cleaning equipment! What could be cheaper than free tools!

Boat cleaning

Not everybody has a boat but this niche cleaning business idea could be enough to make you a market leader. If you have an interest in Boats you could see yourself with a business you love in no time. You will need similar tools to a driveway/pressure cleaning business e.g petrol pressure washer and water tank.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is another very popular service. Most people would rather repair than replace older furniture. Carpet cleaning can quickly rejuvenate tired and smelly carpets. Carpet cleaners are expensive to buy – often running into thousands of pounds but if you are just starting out you could consider hiring a carpet cleaner until you have saved enough to buy your own. Doing so will leave your startup costs below £300 or even less!

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