Mobile car valeting equipment

Mobile Car Valeting Equipment List

Below I will go through the mobile valeting equipment and accessories I used and have come across to start a BASIC mobile car valeting business.

You will obviously need a van, its no good trying to work this business out of a car as many do, you WILL need a van. Usually you can get by with a small van such as a vauxhall combo or Citroen Berlingo and these vans come highly recommended because they are cheap and efficient. Once you have found your van start looking for your equipment – you will need:

Pressure washer:

I have learnt from my personal experience and 7 years in the mobile valeting game that electric pressure washers are better for mobile car valeting. They are considerably cheaper to buy – cheaper to run (no petrol if plugged in) – more reliable – easier to manoeuvre around cars and easier to lift in and out of the van. A petrol pressure washer can also be purchased and have some benefits such as power and the ability to work fully mobile. Though the majority of the time an extension would easily do the trick.

Petrol electric generator:

If you decide to get an electric pressure washer, remember that your generator must be powerful enough to power this (the more powerful your pressure washer, the more expensive the generator will be). Most electric pressure washers have an induction motor which takes 6 times the working power to start and a lot of power to run than you may think so make sure you speak to someone who knows their power ratings when it comes to buying one. If you’ve decided to go with the petrol pressure washer then you just need to worry about the generator being powerful enough to power your vacuum and wet vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners

Dry Vacuums

As far as vacuums come almost any small vac would suffice, I always use a small henry vacuum because they are easy to manoeuvre around the vehicle, small and compact for storage, have a lot of power for their size. Most have the recoil wire for you to just wind back in after a job, saving LOTS of time and most of all frustration!

Wet Vacuum

I would recommend spending the extra money on your wet vac. You preferably could do with the wet vacs which will pump shampoo into the seats with a trigger on the handle. I use a Numatic George which has never let me down and does the job perfectly. If a George is out of your price range then just try a normal wet vac with no extraction unit for now which just requires a little bit more hard work.

Baffled Water tank:

There’s no need to go crazy on this and start looking at the massive IBC 1000ltr water tanks, these are way too big for the standard mobile car valeter. Why people get these for car valeting is beyond me, usually the average you’ll need to clean a car is about 50 litres, at a push you could do 3 cars a day, that’s 150 litres so aim for a tank with about 250L plus and you’ll be fine.

Cleaning Chemicals

Personally, I love Autosmart products. I’ve tried many different brands in the past but I would always recommend Autosmart. Depending on where you are in the UK they will also deliver to you on site! Which not many suppliers do. The pack above provides all the products you need to give them a try. If you are happy, then I would suggest getting in touch with your local sales rep by calling Autosmart direct to purchase the 5l bottles because it works out cheaper.

Car valeting accessories

snow foam lance:

This if used with the right chemical can do wonders for you. Attach it to your pressure washer and spray over your vehicle. You can make your car look as if its been in the Arctic for a week. TIP: Clean the wheels whilst its still on then wash off.

Electric buffing machine:

Use with caution. If you haven’t used one before then try buy the machines with a speed adjustment and use on the lowest speed until you are used to it.


*update – we now offer small business web design packages.

It comes as no surprise that nowadays most businesses have a website. If yours does not, you may run the risk of customers thinking your business isn’t very credible. You want to know that your pride and joy is going to be left in capable professional hands.

A combination of a good website, Facebook page and google business page would be the minimum I would suggest to get the more profitable private customers.

We now offer valeting websites for just £19.99/month – cancel anytime. Worth a look:


Cleaning chemicals are not on this list due to being supplied by your franchise dealer – whether that be autosmart or whomever you decide to go with. I always used Autosmart and have always been happy with their products.

As for chemicals the car cleaning industry is awash with different manufacturers and suppliers so I will narrow it down a little for you to get you started. Once you know what you like you can test other brands to suit your needs.

Industry leading suppliers seem to be Auto-smart and autogylm. I have always used Autosmart, the products I find are very competitive on price and are one of the best vehicle valeting products I have ever used. My personal second choice would be autoglym. These two brands are more than enough to get you started for car valeting, Car detailing on the other hand would be a whole different kettle of fish and just isn’t covered in this article.

So there you go, that’s what I would class as a good basic vehicle valeting business set-up. Remember it doesn’t cost for a quote so go crazy and make sure you are getting the best deal. Find the best possible quote you can or just find the best quality items you can for the best possible price.


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  1. Matt on

    Just a few questions I’m looking at starting up on my own first of all what do you put in the wet/dry vacuum chemical wise? And also What chemicals will I need? Snowfoam, wheel cleaner what else will I need?

    Many thanks

  2. Stephen plant on

    Thinking of starting mine own valeting business and read what you put.. really has helped me understand excatly what is needed.. thank you


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