valeting business for sale

PRICE: £2500

You can even do this part-time or alongside your full time work!

I decided to offer this kit in a trailer because starting a business is hard, some people don’t make the leap from being employed because of the fear of failure and losing money.

With a trailer you can start your business part time and build it up on a weekend without purchasing a van and buying separate commercial vehicle insurance (because you can’t insure a van on your standard car insurance policy) which can also be more expensive. You also no longer need to use a van for personal reasons which a lot of people like – no need to sell you car and find a van.

Not many know but van insurance is completely separate to car insurance. This means your no claims bonus which is built on your new van can be very hard to transfer to a car insurance policy when you decide to swap back. I’ve been there and ended up paying thousands for insurance to get my no claims bonus transferred back to a car! This combined is a hurdle which puts most people off.

What is included in these valeting kits?

The most important thing this valeting business comes with is a website and 1 months digital marketing using strategies i’ve used for years. Anybody can buy a kit but not everybody can create a profitable business like I have.

For FREE advice on starting your own valeting business read our article start your own mobile car valeting business. You will get everything you need, from a new business logo, website, flyers and tools. Most importantly I don’t just provide advice on starting your business, registering with HMRC and managing accounts when you purchase a valeting kit, I will give you support and advertising to make your business grow.

You will even get an ebook, wrote by us to describe step by step how to start your valeting business. This includes advice on how to valet a car, how to create a sustainable income and much more.


5 page website designed exactly how you want it
Full responsive design (this means it will work perfect on mobile phones and tablets) Built on wordpress (meaning you can edit the website yourself)
Website training will be provided 30 days search engine optimisation on your website.



Logo design
business card design
Flyer template designs
Receipt template to write your own receipts


An ebook guide will be provided which has been written by the team at mooper to guide you through the whole process of starting you own business. This will include how to professionally valet a car, how much you can earn and much more great tips and tricks you need to know before starting.


Pressure washer
Henry dry vacuum cleaner
George wet vacuum cleaner
Car valeting water tank 150l
Numerous auto-smart chemicals
lots of accessories such as interior brushes, extensions for vacs.

Click here to learn how to setup your new valeting business

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our kits