Uk Salary Calculator 2019

UK Salary Calculator 2019/20

Why not find out how much money you earn after tax in the UK?

Our Salary Calculator is up to date with the current tax rates and will break down your income into per week, day and even your hourly rate! You can even email your salary calculation to yourself for future reference and receive our upcoming articles which could save money and boost income.

How to use our calculator

Using our UK salary tax calculator couldn’t be easier, just fill in your annual income alongside any other annual expenses you have such as pensions, student loans and your NIC based on your wage slip.

We can even send you your calculation by email directly to your inbox.

Why do I need to use this salary calculator?

The first step to managing your finances is to evaluate just how much income you have coming in to your household. Any budgeting strategy starts with your income so we make sure to calculate your income after tax and break this down into monthly income after tax which may be the most important factor due to most bills being debited monthly.

Now I have my calculation, how do I budget?

Now you have a salary calculation of your take home pay to work with you may want to add up your monthly outgoings and break them down into weekly and even hourly to fully compare to your take home income calculation.

To do this, just look at your monthly bills and add them up. Don’t forget to factor in quarterly payments you make such as council tax (if you do pay quarterly) and factor in costs such as vehicle servicing/MOT, Repairs etc all of which are outgoings but are often forgotten.

We will be creating a budget calculator as soon as time permits which will provide a truly useful calculation to real household costings.

Compare your income to average incomes in the UK

Why not compare to other salary incomes in the UK, it may be your time for a pay rise – or even a change of career.

What is the uk national minimum wage?

To find an up to take report on the national uk minimum wage and the living wage please see our article.