Start a blog on the side

The internet is a great place to get your voice heard and make money! It’s easier than ever before, you just need some basic know how. You can work from home or anywhere with an internet connection. In this article I will show you how to quit your job and make money blogging! First you… Read more »

How to remove fine scratches from your car!

After noticing a few fine scratches on my car I decided to go about getting rid of them. Previously as a full time valeter I would have used my powerful machine buffer to get them out but they have long since been sold. I started looking for some cheap options. I knew T-cut was actually… Read more »

How to start a window cleaning business

How to start a Window Cleaning business Put simply, Window cleaning is a numbers game. If you really want to start a profitable window cleaning business, you need to have the numbers. What I mean is, each individual customer will provide such a small amount of income that the only real way to make it… Read more »

How to advertise your small business ONLINE

Learn the basics of small business marketing online To get your online presence off to a good start we have put together our small business marketing guide to show a few ideas which you can action straight away to give your startup the best chance at online success. When it comes to small business marketing… Read more »

Mobile car valeting equipment

Mobile Car Valeting Equipment List Below I will go through the mobile valeting equipment and accessories I used and have come across to start a BASIC mobile car valeting business. You will obviously need a van, its no good trying to work this business out of a car as many do, you WILL need a… Read more »

How to Start a Pressure Washing Business

How to start a pressure washing business A pressure washing business can be very profitable and not as hard work as you may think There is a surprisingly high number of people who require pressure cleaning services and these people are willing to pay considerably for your services.   QUICK START EQUIPMENT If your just… Read more »

Advertising your VALETING business

Marketing your VALETING business: This is a very important part of starting your business, knowing how to market your business is critical. No matter how much research you do on marketing your business, you cannot know exactly which marketing strategy works by reading alone, each business differs completely. For instance if you have a car… Read more »

Cleaning Business Ideas

Just a few easy to start cleaning business ideas! Finding cleaning business ideas could be the hardest part of starting a small cleaning business. Starting a cleaning business can be fairly easy to do because lets face it, everything gets dirty and not everybody has the time to clean! Now here is the hard part… Read more »

How to start a mobile car valeting business

  How to start a mobile car valeting business Hi, my name is Keith. I have owned and run a mobile car valeting business for many years. Mobile car valeting is a cheap and easy business to setup but not many people realise that their is still a huge learning curve. Rather than go through… Read more »

How to valet a car

Learn how to valet a car in stages If you want to learn how to valet a car this guide will aid in helping you understand the stages involved. If you are planning on starting your own valeting business you may want to take a look at our guide called how to start a mobile car… Read more »