About Me

Hi, i’m Keith. I’m currently backpacking whilst making money from my laptop. I do this from freelancing but I hope to keep the income streaming without having to put in so many hours of work (who doesn’t). I’ll be focusing future blog posts on how to make money online by building up a side income in your spare time such as a weekend or evenings.

As an entrepreneur i’ve spent years researching many areas of how to succeed in business. From starting out, marketing and all the failures in between. I’ve setup businesses both online and offline in areas such as cleaning, plumbing, web development, advertising and even an offline high street shop to name just a few. I taught myself how to code and advertise websites in order to build my own online businesses in the future which has taught me so much about the future of business.

I feel like I have come to a point now where I have learnt such a broad spectrum of skills that it would be a shame to let it go to waste without sharing what i’ve learnt. One of the most recent shifts in my mindset hasn’t been to make hundreds of thousands of pounds, but to create the perfect work life balance! Nothing is worth more than your time but every one of us has to make the trade off for money.

The focus of the blog going forwards will be creating a business which will allow for the perfect work life balance and my pursuit of finding it! I’ll document everything i find along the way.